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Updated my newgrounds flash.

2008-05-15 00:24:24 by Tanner455

I'm happy to say that my newgrounds submission has been remade its much better now.


2008-03-29 00:24:53 by Tanner455

In jail updated.
Super mario 40%
Bag of shorts 2 20%

New submissions

2008-01-15 00:04:33 by Tanner455

1. Super Mario (still working on the title) 40%
2. Bag of shorts 2 15%

Check this out if you have a chance its my brawl collab part.

I am finaly getting a tablet

2007-12-25 01:26:02 by Tanner455

Tomorrow I get a Wacom Tablet YAY!

I am finaly getting a tablet

I just sumbited a flash.

2007-11-03 19:09:07 by Tanner455

I finished my first animation MvL I dont think its the best but i think that its okay.

I just sumbited a flash.